Office of Human Resources (City of Fairview Heights)

Welcome to the City of Fairview Heights   Human Resources Department! 

The City of Fairview Heights recognizes that a personnel system which recruits and retains competent, dependable personnel is indispensable to effective government operations.

The goals of the Human Resources department are:

  1. To promote high morals and foster good working relationships among employees of the City by providing uniform personnel policies;
  2. Enhance the attractiveness of a career with the City and encourage each of its employees to give his/her best effort to the City and the public;
  3. Encourage courteous and dependable service to the public;
  4. Provide fair and equal opportunity for qualified persons to enter and progress through City service based on merit and fitness as determined through objective and practical personnel management methods;
  5. Ensure that all City operations are conducted in an ethical and legal manner so as to promote its reputation as an efficient and progress body.

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  1. Becky Thompson

    HR Manager

  2. City of Fairview Heights

    Physical Address
    10025 Bunkum Road
    Fairview Heights, IL 62208