Sign Permits

Sign Permit Requirements
No sign shall be erected, altered, or relocated without a permit issued by the Administrative Official, except as otherwise provided herein. Where electrical permits are required, they shall be obtained at the same time as the sign permit.

Sign Application

The permit application shall contain the location of the sign structure, the name and address of the sign owner and of the sign erector, drawings showing the design and location of the sign and such other pertinent information as the Administrative Official may require to insure compliance with the Codes and Ordinances of the Municipality.

Permanent Sign Permit Application (PDF) | Temporary Sign Permit Application (PDF)

Temporary Signage
Temporary Signage can be applied for once per quarter (4 times per year). Duration of the Temporary Sign Permit is 10 calendar days and must be approved in advanced by Land Use & Development.

A sign permit shall become null and void if the work for which the permit was issued has not been completed within a period of six (6) months after the date of the permit. Permit fee shall not be refunded.

Permit Exceptions
The following operations shall not be considered as creating a sign and therefore, shall not require a sign permit.

Replacing Copy

The changing of the advertising copy or message on an approved painted or printed sign or marquee and similarly approved signs which are specifically designed for the use of replaceable copy.

Painting, repainting, cleaning and other normal maintenance and repair of a sign or a sign structure unless a structural change is made.

Miscellaneous Signs

As per Section 14-7-6 of this Code, miscellaneous signs are also exempt from permit requirements.