Emergency Services Disaster Agency

The Emergency Services Disaster Agency is an agency within the City of Fairview Heights that is tasked with assisting citizens with preparation and prevention of disasters. We aim to enhance the citizen's ability to be prepared in case of a disaster. All information in this section of the site is encouraged to be copied, emailed, and reprinted in order to better protect you.
  1. Code Red Emergency Notifications

    Code Red is an emergency notification system used to deliver important emergency messages to residents. Find out how to sign up for this service.

  2. Earthquake Preparedness

    Learn how to be prepared before, during, and after an earthquake occurs.

  3. Illinois Emergency Management Agency

    Visit the Illinois Emergency Management Agency website for more information on emergency preparedness and hazard mitigation.

  4. Severe Weather Preparedness

    Learn more about how to be prepared in the event of a tornado, severe thunderstorm, or flood.