1. City Clerk's Office

    The City Clerk’s Office is the official record keeper for the City, and is responsible for preparing, maintaining, and filing all City records.

  2. Economic Development Department

    The Fairview Heights Economic Development Department aims to help existing City businesses expand, recruit new start-ups and companies to the area, and spearhead projects that will complement the City's Economic Development efforts.

  3. Emergency Services Disaster Agency

    Learn about emergency services provided by the Emergency Services Disaster Agency, such as earthquake preparedness and Code Red emergency notifications.

  4. Finance Department

    The Finance Department is responsible for the sound financial management and integrity of the finance system in the administration, development, and monitoring of the operating and capital budgets.

  5. Human Resources

    View current job opportunities in the City of Fairview Heights.

  6. Land Use & Development Department

    The Land Use & Development Department is responsible for planning and development in the City of Fairview Heights, as well as Building Code permitting and enforcement.

  7. Mayor's Office

  8. Parks & Recreation

    The goal of the Parks and Recreation Department is to provide a friendly, clean and wholesome atmosphere for our residents and visitors to enjoy their recreation time in.

  9. Police Department

    Visit the Fairview Heights Police Department website to find information on FHPD duties and services.

  10. Public Works Department

    The City of Fairview Heights Public Works Department is comprised of the Engineering, Vehicle Maintenance, and Municipal Complex Divisions, and it administers the Capital Improvement Budget.